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Society Hill At Galloway II eMail Bulletin


Wild Animal Alert

Feeding Wild Animals Is Prohibited!


You are encouraging raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, feral cats, etc.!


An influx of wildlife have entered breezeway attics, storage closets, and under decks; guess what has been found.........  Canned cat food, tuna, chicken, etc.; left outdoors which is drawing the animals to the community!

You may not be doing this but your neighbors might.  Speak to your neighbors or report this to the office, fines will be assessed. 

The work and time associated with this issue, increase costs, takes time away from maintenance work, and put workers in at risk.


Leaving food out for animals shows ownership of the animal thus leaving the animals out in the heat or cold can and will constitute animal cruelty!


This is a Publication of Society Hill at Galloway II

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